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On February 2, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Margaret Johnson from My 600-lb Life: Weight Loss, Instagram, Now, Father, Age!

Margaret Johnson from My 600-lb Life had the most heart-wrenching life story and her weight loss journey of over 200...
On January 31, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Queer Eye Gumbo Recipe from Season 6: Learn the Secret Ingredient!

Antoni Porowski's famous gumbo recipe from Queer Eye Season 6 is on-demand and today, myriads of people are fascinated by...
On January 29, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Jenna Hager's Weight Loss: Intermittent Fasting Did the Trick!

Jenna Bush Hager's weight loss journey turned into success thanks to intermittent fasting. Grab details of her diet plan and...
On January 26, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Stevan Ditter from Too Hot to Handle: Find Him on Instagram!

With his body covered in tattoos and piercings, Stevan Ditter from Too Hot to Handle Season 3 gave off a...
On January 23, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Cheer Episode 8 Sound Out of Sync: Audio Issues in Season 2 Explained!

Cheer Season 2 episode 8 has 5 seconds of audio out of sync. To be specific, the sound is off...
On January 22, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Jimmy on My Mom Your Dad: What Happened to the Retreat Manager?

Jimmy is the retreat manager from My Mom Your Dad, who was allowed to disturb the dates of the cast...
On January 20, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Single's Inferno: Song Jia's Fake Designer Clothes and Items!

Song Jia, a cast from Single's Inferno, has been surrounded by the scandal of wearing fake designer clothes and items....
On January 18, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Dee from Cheer Season 2: Meet DeVonte Joseph on Instagram!

Dee or DeVonte Joseph from Cheer Season 2 has been adding more fame to his career after he became a...
On January 16, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Cheer Season 3 on Netflix: Release Date, Cast, NCA Daytona 2022!

Is there going to be Cheer Season 3 on Netflix? Reddit users wonder about Cheer Season 3 release date and...
On January 14, 2022 By Smith Wilson

Morgan Simianer from Cheer Season 2: Age, Net Worth & Boyfriend Explored!

Morgan Simianer from Cheer Season 2 holds a hefty net worth of $4 million in 2022. At the age of...
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