2023: What Happened to Hunter Hayes? Weight Gain Examined!

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2023: What Happened to Hunter Hayes? Weight Gain Examined! blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Many people wonder what happened to Hunter Hayes as he is trying to make his comeback, starting in 2023, and is seen with a major transformation; a new genre, a new voice, and drastic weight gain. 

Hunter Hayes, who once made headlines as a country music singer, has shifted gears and is into complete pop in 2023. Back in the early 2010s, his single Wanted made him the youngest solo male artist in Billboard history to reach No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs list. His eponymous major label debut and follow-up Storyline were both chart-topping hits.

He was even nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. Pretty incredible for someone who was still a teenager at the time. However, the music industry is a fickle beast. He failed to maintain his incredible run for the rest of the decade.

As of 2023, Hunter Hayes is trying to make his comeback, from changing the genre to doing tours. On the other hand, many fans have observed that he has undergone significant weight gain. As a result, people have been curious to know what went wrong with Hunter’s life. What happened to him? Well, here’s everything you need to know.

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What Really Happened to Hunter Hayes? Weight Gain in 2023 Examined!

Hunter Hayes (@hunterhayes) has had a significant transformation over the years, both in terms of his career and health. Succeeding during his teenage years but failing to keep a name for himself for the next decade has overturned his life. Even though 2023 seems to be the year of his new life, many people still wonder what happened to him. What really went wrong?

First of all, the 32-year-old star looks completely different from what he used to a decade ago because of weight gain. It almost appears as if he is a whole different person.

Second of all, he has changed the genre of his music. He transitioned from country to pure pop in 2023 with his fifth studio album, Red Sky. And he put up a dream team of producers and composers to assist him with that difficult adjustment. Dan Brook (Britney Spears), Alex Delicata (Beyoncé), and Rollo (BTS) were among the producers Hayes enlisted for his first independently released studio album in 12 years.

Apart from his career, Hunter Hayes has had a u-turn transformation in his appearance as well. With all the weight gain, it seems he is going through some really serious health issues.

Hunter Hayes before and after weight gain. blurred-reality.comHunter Hayes before and after weight gain.
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Well, the country-turned-pop star has had challenges with his mental health as a result of having chart-topping, Grammy-nominated success while still a teenager, as well as the fleeting nature of fame. Fortunately, the singer-songwriter now has various coping techniques to rely on.

He previously said in a 2023 interview with Wondermind that he returned to therapy during the early pandemic, having previously undergone sessions during his childhood. And he now attempts to speak things out twice a week, when his job schedule permits. Hayes also told the magazine that sensory deprivation tanks, acupuncture, and driving around in a convertible are all part of his self-care routine.

Hunter Hayes on Why His Voice Is Changed!

Listen to Hunter Hayes‘ eponymous debut album from 2011 and his fifth album Red Sky from 2023, and you’ll hear a shift in the country star’s timbre. And it’s not only because of age. In 2016, the singer opted to begin working with a voice coach to address the different issues with his vocal cords.

Despite starting his career in country music, Hunter Hayes is into pure pop in 2023. blurred-reality.comDespite starting his career in country music, Hunter Hayes is into pure pop in 2023.
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Hayes previously revealed why he had to take such drastic measures in an interview with Rolling Stone. He explained,

I went through a massive voice change that I didn’t know I was going through in the past three years. So I was singing through it, along with chronic allergies and terrible acid reflux. And all kinds of things I didn’t know about that I’m still trying to treat and fight.

Hayes went on to say that his voice coach sessions had helped him avoid bad habits while also improving his mental health.