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What Did John Wayne Gacy Do to His Victims? Brutal Tortures Explained!

Sep 26, 2022 @ 12:25 EDT
What Did John Wayne Gacy Do to His Victims? Brutal Tortures Explained!

John Wayne Gacy, the infamous serial killer, used to pick up Caucasian males/victims on runaways at the Chicago Horizon Bus Terminal or off the streets. Following that, he would either offer them money in exchange for s*x, offer them a job with his construction company, or simply force them into his car at gunpoint. After intoxicating them with wine or putting them out with chloroform, John Wayne Gacy would handcuff or otherwise restrain them when they returned to his apartment. Following that, he would torture them in various ways and r*pe his victims both before and after killing them, and he would keep their bodies for a day or even longer.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, starring Evan Peters, is currently available on Netflix. It tells the true story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as Milwaukee Cannibal.  In 1992, he was sentenced to sixteen life terms in prison for the horrific crimes he committed between 1978 and 1991. However, Dahmer was not in prison for long because he was murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Some of his murders involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts. The ten-episode series also focuses on the police force's systematic racism, which helped Dahmer get away with what he did for so long.

If you've seen the new Netflix series, you'll know that another infamous serial killer makes an appearance. We're talking about John Wayne Gacy. Between 1972 and 1978, John Wayne Gacy, widely known as The Killer Clown, r*ped, tortured, and murdered at least 33 young men and boys. Gacy was arrested when an investigation into the disappearance of teen Robert Piest led to him.

John Wayne Gacy Jr. was an ephebophilic and necrophilic serial killer, rapist, and abduction from the United States, who used to host great parties at his home with his neighbors and entertained children. In secret, he was a s*xual and homicidal predator with a terrible past who attracted young men and boys with the false promise of a job to kill them. Similarly, many individuals have wondered what he did to his victims and how he killed them.

Previously, we touched on Gacy's last meal.

John Wayne Gacy Would Torture the Victims in a Variety of Brutal Ways, Have S*x With Them, and Kill Them; Netflix Update!

John Wayne Gacy, Jr., often known as The Killer Clown, was an ephebophilic and necrophilic serial killer, r*pist, and abduction from the United States. He reportedly had murdered at least 33 young boys and men. Twenty-six of his victims were discovered buried in the basement beneath his house, while numerous others were discovered elsewhere on his property. Likewise, a few more were found along the Des Plaines River.

America was introduced to the world's most famous serial killers, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, in the 1970s. They both committed horrible crimes that many would argue ought to be punished by death. Meanwhile, Gacy usually killed his victims by choking or suffocation. He frequently enticed them into his home and handcuffed them under the pretext of performing a magic trick.

According to Gacy's police confession, he would pick up Caucasian male runaways or male prostitutes in their mid-teens to the early twenties from the Chicago Greyhound Bus station or off the streets. After that, he would either promise them money for s*x, offer them a job with his construction company, or simply grab them by force and force them into his car at gunpoint.

When they returned to his place, he would handcuff or otherwise bind them after intoxicating them with wine or knocking them out with chloroform. After that would torture them in a variety of ways such as using a fire poker on them, dripping hot melted candle wax on their bodies, repeatedly drowning them in his bathtub, or placing them in a homemade rack. He would also urinate on his victims to demonstrate his dominance.

Gacy would then r*pe his victims both before and after killing them, and he would hold the bodies for a day or more. One of his most infamous methods of binding his victims was convincing them that he was doing a magic performance by handcuffing them.

The serial killer would frequently put paper towels or fabric such as a sock or even their own underwear in their mouths to silence their screams, leading them to asphyxiate and die. He would also strangle his victims with a rope or a board while s*xually assaulting them with s*x toys, then bury their remains in his basement.

He also would throw lime into the basement on a regular basis to facilitate the decomposition of the bodies. The property was disposed of by dropping three victims into the Des Plaines River. Instead of asphyxiating his first victim, Timothy McCoy, he stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife.

Gacy was formerly considered a suspect in the Oakland County child murders. According to a witness in Timothy King's kidnapping, one of the men who was with King at the time of his kidnapping showed a striking similarity to Gacy. It was also rumored that Gacy had been in Michigan at the time of the killings. However, following a series of DNA tests in 2013, it was determined that Gacy had no involvement in the murders.

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