The Five Juanas Season 2: La Venganza de las Juanas Season 2 Release Date & Cast!

Bikram Karki

The Five Juanas Season 2: La Venganza de las Juanas Season 2 Release Date & Cast!

Netflix viewers want to know The Five Juanas Season 2 release date & cast. Here’s everything we know about La Venganza de las Juanas Season 2.

If you enjoy the soapy telenovela genre, you might be bingeing The Five Juanas as it premiered on Netflix on 6th October.

The 18-episode series includes all of the melodramatic and kitschy synonymous with the genre, such as stylized aesthetics, romantic turmoil, sensual sex scenes, and a suspense thriller mood.

The drama, originally titled La Venganza de las Juanas, is based on a Colombian opera developed by Bernardo Romero Pereiro in 1997.

The plot of the show revolves around five ladies who are all staying in the same hotel simultaneously, carrying the same name, and turn out to have the exact birthmark.

Evidently, their histories are intertwined, and as they learn more about what that entails, they are drawn into the orbits of a politician who is disturbed by the new revelation.

Cue the butt shots and amazing twists that transform this into a salacious, guilty delight of monumental proportions.

If you’re a fan of The Five Juanas, you might be curious about when you’ll be able to see more of it. Will Netflix release a Season 2? Here’s everything we know so far.

The Five Juanas Season 2 Release Date

Even Bridgerton, arguably Netflix‘s strongest show to date (CNet), didn’t receive a season extension until more than three weeks following its Christmas 2020 debut.

The K-drama Squid Game appears to be on track to break that mark, but while Season 2 has been explored (Vulture), it has yet to be formally extended three weeks after its 17th September premiere.

Netflix‘s decision-making approach for evaluating which series to keep and which to cancel is extremely unclear.

The officials of streaming giants have given some details on how it chooses these stuff over the years – as Wired notes, it weighs viewership versus the expense of renewal; notably, it measures how many individuals watch a complete season over the course of the first week and the first 28 days.

So we won’t know whether The Five Juanas will be revived or not for a while. Telenovelas are notorious for their speedy production downtimes and typically air fairly close to the completion of filming (Variety), but it’s uncertain whether the Netflix-branded show will follow suit, given that it doesn’t have the same rapid scheduling issues.

So, even if it does give the go-ahead for Season 2, we can’t be sure how long it will take for a new season to drop.

La Venganza de las Juanas Season 2 Cast

La Venganza de las Juanas cast Zuria Vega (Juana Manuela), Juanita Arias (Juana Matilde), Sofia Engberg (Juana Batista), Oka Giner (Juana Caridad), and Renata Notni (Juana Valentina) play the five very distinct Juanas.

The characters comprise a stripper, a musician, a clairvoyant, a nun, and a reporter, so you can picture the dynamics in this odd little bunch.

Because they’re all named in the title of the program, a potential Season 2 would likely mark the return of all five protagonists for another conspiracy-laden plot — along with their romantic interests, families, and other minor characters.

Carlos Ponce portrayed Simón Marroqun in Season 1, however, based on what transpired in the story, he is unlikely to return.

Meanwhile, the finale of the debut season hinted at the possibility of a sixth Juana, so a Season 2 would almost certainly introduce some new people to the mix, creating even more wacky antics, which is exactly what you’d imagine from a telenovela such as this.

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