‘The Defeated’ Netflix Cast – Taylor Kitsch, Michael C. Hall, Logan Marshall-Green, and more!

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'The Defeated' Netflix Cast - Taylor Kitsch, Michael C. Hall, Logan Marshall-Green, and more!

Grab the complete details of The Defeated cast on Netflix. The show was previously called Shadowplay. It stars Taylor Kitsch, Michael C. Hall, Logan Marshall-Green, and more. 

The Defeated, formerly known as Shadowplay, was released on Netflix on 19th August 2021. The drama is set in Berlin in 1946 and depicts an American cop who assists in the formation of a new police department in the aftermath of WWII.

Max McLaughlin is an American officer who moves to Berlin in the summer of 1946 to create a police department in the tumultuous aftermath of the war, according to the Netflix synopsis.

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If you’re new to the show, you might recognize some of its cast members. Here’s everything you need to know about who they are and where you might have witnessed them before.

Taylor Kitsch as Max McLaughlin

Taylor Kitsch plays American cop Max McLaughlin, who comes to Berlin to assist establish new law enforcement.

Taylor is well-known for his parts in films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Battleship (2012), and John Carter (2012), in addition to The Defeated (2021).

Michael C. Hall as Tom Franklin

As Tom Franklin, Michael C. Hall portrays a police officer who is instrumental in the establishment of the new police force.

Michael is most recognized for his role as the main protagonist in the television series Dexter. He is also well-known for his parts in the films Star vs. the Forces of Evil (2015-19), Safe (2018), and Six Feet Under (2001-05).

Logan Marshall-Green as Moritz McLaughlin

Moritz, Max’s brother, is played by Logan Marshall-Green.

Logan has starred in several notable films, including Prometheus (2012), the Alien prequel, as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Upgrade (2018), and Snowden (2016).

He has also appeared in television shows such as The OC (2005) and 24 (2005), and now The Defeated (2021).

Nina Hoss as Elsie Garten

Nina Hoss portrays Elsie Garten, an ex-linguistics professor who becomes a part of the police force.

Among Nina’s many credits are her performances in Homeland (2014-17) as well as Phoenix (2014) and A Most Wanted Man (2014), as well as Barbara (2012).

Tuppence Middleton as Claire Franklin

Claire, Tom’s daughter, is played by Tuppence Middleton.

Tuppence is well-known for her roles in Mank (2020), The Current War (2017), and Downton Abbey (2019), in addition to The Defeated (2021).

The Defeated Cast on Netflix – The Notable Mentions!

The rest of The Defeated cast on Netflix includes Mala Emde, Maximilian Ehrenreich, Sebastian Koch, Anne Ratte-Polle, Lena Dörrie, and Benjamin Sadler.

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