Are Taylor and Shea From Surviving Paradise Still Together?

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Are Taylor and Shea From Surviving Paradise Still Together?

Despite all the tension, Taylor and Shea from Netflix’s Surviving Paradise are still together, as hinted by Taylor’s recent interview with DailyMail. 

Surviving Paradise is one of the top popular TV shows on Netflix this week, and for good reason. The reality show explores the lives of twelve contestants who, at first, thought they were going on a pleasant trip where they could unwind and take in paradise. However, they are extremely surprised when they discover that their paradise is not what they had anticipated.

Each contestant makes it through a wilderness survival challenge without electricity, a place to stay, and—most importantly—gorgeous swimming holes! In addition to getting back into the villa to escape the harsh surroundings and grime, if they make it through, they stand to win a massive $100,000.

Taylor Brielle Olympios and Shea Foster had feelings for each other ever since they stepped on the Netflix show. They eventually make their relationship official. In the cruel game when three pairs of contestants had to choose who should stay in luxury and who should go into the wilderness, Shea shocked Taylor in episode 8 by choosing to stay in the villa and send her back to camp.

As a result, many viewers wonder if Taylor and Shea are still together. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Surviving Paradise: What Happened Between Taylor and Shea? Are They Still Together?

Everyone in Surviving Paradise was asked to pair up; Taylor and Shea obviously paired up, not realizing that they would have to send one of them back to camp right before finals. Taylor gave herself up this time and was willing to fight for it, but Shea didn’t even ask or argue her choice, which left her feeling unsatisfied.

As a result, their relationship parted fairly tense, especially after she was eliminated. Regardless, everything was resolved by his genuine apologies after she expressed her frustration during the finals. However, does this mean they are still together?

In a recent interview with, Taylor revealed that she is still together with Shea. When asked about her ‘situationship’ with Shea, she explained.

How am I gonna put this? These things happen. Life happens. Me and Shea come from two very, very different lives and I think when we were on the show it was like we were having the same life and things were really easy. When we left the show and we were both back to both our lives and we are combining both of our lives, it was a bit of a shock.

Later, she hinted that they are still together saying that they ‘definitely have some things planned’. Additionally, they often interact in likes or comments, as made evident by their social media presence.

It appears Taylor and Shea are still together. blurred-reality.comIt appears Taylor and Shea are still together.
Image Source: Netflix

Explaining how it was hard for her to process after Shea decided to send her back to camp without asking her, Taylor further added,

It was definitely very hard on me. A lot of people didn’t realize the heaviness of the situation. I had just come down to camp and was a full emotional tornado. It was pretty serious…I will always like put myself last for my person. I could have fought, and I could have been like “no you’re gonna go” and he probably would have gone, but just the fact that he was like, “oh, yeah, I agree”.

Learn More About Taylor and Find Her on Instagram!

Taylor has become an influencer since her appearance on the Netflix show. blurred-reality.comTaylor has become an influencer since her appearance on the Netflix show.
Image Source: Instagram

Taylor‘s unwavering displays of grace, diligence, and altruism contributed to her steady success in Surviving Paradise. She has since scaled her skills and expanded her multifarious career. She has a sizable social media following as a TikTok creator and online influencer. She can be found on Instagram at (@taylorolympios).

Naturally, Taylor’s daily calendar is filled with a lot of activities in addition to producing fresh content for her growing fan base. She is also the younger sister of TV star Corinne Olympios, who was featured on season 21 of The Bachelor.

Together with her sister, Taylor runs the jewelry company Aura Sugar Co. She is the Marketing Director of the company. Apart from their direct engagement, the sisters collaborate with a committed staff to offer their clients an abundance of options. Their handcrafted items serve as manifestation gems that cleanse auras in addition to adding aesthetic value to people’s accessories.

She has been well-known in the media and has even modeled at Miami Swim Week in 2023. Additionally, she has previously starred in the Paramount Plus series, Next Influencer.