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Tabitha Sloane From Netflix’s Surviving Paradise: Birthday, Instagram, Age, Ethnicity, Reddit & Zodiac Sign!

Oct 25, 2023 @ 22:36 EDT
Tabitha Sloane From Netflix’s Surviving Paradise: Birthday, Instagram, Age, Ethnicity, Reddit & Zodiac Sign!

Delve with us to know more about Tabitha Sloane from Netflix's Surviving Paradise, including her birthday, Instagram, age, ethnicity, and zodiac sign. Also, know how Reddit users have been reacting to their behavior on the show.

Surviving Paradise on Netflix is a survival competition series co-produced by Studio Lambert and Raw TV that lives up to its title in almost every manner possible. It is thrilling, captivating, and entertaining in every way possible.

This is because the plot centers on a diverse collection of strangers who must outwit one another to survive as they attempt to crawl their way out of hell and into luxury and ultimately win the cash prize of $100,000.

Even though Tabitha Sloane, who identifies as non-binary (they/them), did everything to get into the main villa, including crying, it didn't much time for viewers to label them as the villain of the show. As a result, many people have been seeking more information about Tabitha, especially on Reddit. Well, we've got you covered.

Previously, we touched on Gabe Dannenbring, Lellies Santiago, and Taylor & Shea.

Meet Tabitha Sloane From Netflix’s Surviving Paradise: Birthday, Instagram, Age, Ethnicity & Zodiac Sign!

Tabitha Sloane from Netflix's Surviving Paradise is a Midwest-based model and influencer who was born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis. They look above 25 years old, however, their exact age and birthday have not been revealed yet. Of course, this also means that their zodiac sign is unknown for now. As for their ethnicity, Tabitha writes on their Instagram that they are biracial ( having parents from different ethnic backgrounds).

Tabitha Sloane identifies themself as non-binary and uses (they/them) pronouns. blurred-reality.comTabitha Sloane identifies themself as non-binary and uses (they/them) pronouns.
Image Source: Instagram

As mentioned earlier, they identify themself as non-binary. They are a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. They currently live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Additionally, they are also the founder of Out + About, an organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana, that supports regional establishments and the LGBTQ+ community. Having been a part of the organization since February 2022, they take great pride in all that they have accomplished.

Tabitha joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana in February 2023 and currently serves as the organization's coordinator for volunteer outreach and engagement.

They also own the QueersAndPeers online apparel company on Etsy, which is associated with Out + About. In terms of their personal life, Tabitha is in a relationship with their partner, Kyra Beck. The couple celebrated their first pride together in June 2023.

Tabitha Sloane and their partner, Kyra Beck. blurred-reality.comTabitha Sloane and their partner, Kyra Beck.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, Tabitha can be found on Instagram at (@tabitha.sloane) where they have over 3k followers as of this writing. Their Instagram is mostly filled with pictures of their partner.

Reddit Criticizes Tabitha for Their Behavior on Surviving Paradise!

As we mentioned in the introduction, Tabitha Sloane quickly became the villain of Surviving Paradise. Similarly, it took no time for viewers to express their opinions about them on Reddit. One person wrote,

Tabitha is a horrible, narcissistic HORRIBLE AWFUL SH*T PERSON I hate them so much, their game plan is disgraceful, they thinks they are the sh*t and it’s so narcissistic, idk how any of their “friends” actually like them and can’t just see they are using them. Makes me physically repulse everytime they come on screen. I know I’m being harsh but honestly I’m shocked at how blatant they are being in manipulating everyone and everyone is just allowing it. Disgusting.

In the same post, another replied,

I’m on the 3rd episode and I just can’t with Tabitha. They’re worst than Lellies rn, I wish this was an elimination game bc they gotta go 😩 And the way they talk constantly calling everyone baby, it’s annoying

Similarly, in another Reddit discussion, another user wrote,

It’s been so long since I’ve disliked a contestant on reality tv so much. At this point (episode 4) I’m rooting for everyone besides them.

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