Sarah Beeston Had DDD Boobs Before Reducing Them

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Sarah Beeston Had DDD Boobs Before Reducing Them – Before reducing her breasts, Sarah Beeston had triple D-sized boobs. According to her, her breasts transitioned from A to DDD when she was just 13 years old.

Sarah Beeston is an American TikTok star, YouTuber, and mom influencer who rose to fame through her humorous material featuring her family. Her prank and comedy clips have been featured on both her YouTube and TikTok accounts.

She also shared her journey when she was pregnant with her children across all platforms. She co-manages her social media sites with her husband, Derik, who is also popular on all the platforms.

If you’re her fan, you might be aware that she has been open about getting her breasts reduced. She has made a lot of content across social media about her experience of getting the surgery. On the other hand, we’ve found many of her fans are curious to know what she looked like before getting a breath reduction. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Know Why Sarah Beeston Reduced the Size of Her Breasts

Sarah Beeston had triple D-sized boob before getting a breast reduction. According to her, she had A-sized boobs when she was in 7th grade. However, it went from A-sized to triple-D just in a year. Yes, you read it right. She had triple D-sized boobs by the time she was in 8th grade.

Sarah and her husband, Derik, previously posted a Q&A video on YouTube about her boobs reduction. Her boobs transitioned from A-sized to triple-D when she was only 13 years old. However, the body of her size was the same. Just imagine someone experiencing it at the age of 13!!

Sarah Beeston's breasts looked terrifying before she got a breast reduction. blurred-reality.comSarah Beeston’s breasts looked terrifying before she got the surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

In high school, she used to play tennis regularly. Of course, it wasn’t easy for her; bigger boobs do not make your movement smooth. She used to even wear 3 bras at once to support her breast. She also had back problems at the time. People used to stare at her strangely whenever she wore tight clothes.

Finally, Sarah decided to talk to her mom about wanting to get her breasts reduced. Her mom initially denied her request saying she looked fine. Shen then once went naked in front of her mom. Her mom, shocked by the size of her breasts, immediately said to have an appointment after her graduation.

And yes, that’s all about it. Even though there isn’t a picture that gives an idea about all of her “breast” problems, we can assume she was in big trouble by her narration. Her husband’s reaction when she showed the picture of herself before getting the surgery also justifies her story.

How Was Sarah Beeston’s Experience After Reducing Her Boobs?

In the same Q&A video on YouTube, Sarah Beeston revealed that the doctors took out almost 3 pounds of fat from each breast which was very painful at the time. While the pain was temporary, she has scars to this date.

Sarah Beeston still has scars from breast reduction surgery. blurred-reality.comSarah still has scars from the breast surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

It seems getting her boobs reduced was the best decision of her life as she frequently shares her experience. Previously, she took to Instagram and wrote,

When I graduated highschool I had a breast reduction surgery. It was VERY much needed for me and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My back felt SO much better, my confidence was up, and for the first time shirts & swimsuits actually fit me!

From her experience,  what we have to know is that she got the surgery not just because of how she wanted to look but also after suffering from multiple problems, including backache and lack of flexibility.

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