Has Rubi Rose Received a BBL? Know How She Has Responded!

Shibakshya Rai

Has Rubi Rose Received a BBL? Know How She Has Responded! blurred-reality.com

Rubi Rose has been accused of receiving a BBL for years now. People believe her butt is way too bigger than the size of her body. However, she previously denied the allegation of receiving a BBL as well as other plastic surgeries. 

Rubi Rose (full name: Rubi Rose Benton) is a rapper, singer, and model from the United States who gained attention in 2019 after the release of her debut single, Big Mouth. She is now one of the prominent figures in the hip-hop and rap scene with a huge social media presence (with over 5 million followers on Instagram).

With her increasing popularity, of course, people observe everything about her. Recently, we have discovered that many people have been curious to know if she has received a BBL. Well, let’s find it out together.

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Rubi Rose Claims That She Has Not Received a BBL or Any Plastic Surgery!

Rubi Rose has been accused of receiving a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) as many people believe that the ratio of the size of her butt and body does not match. And since the 26-year-old always flaunts her body, people have become interested in finding the truth even more.

However, Rubi previously denied the accusation. She previously took to Twitter (now known as X) and revealed that she has never received any plastic surgery, including a BBL. She wrote,

I’ve never touched my body, no shots/bbl/filler/veneers nothing. No shade to those that have, but stop tryna put surgery on me.

Likewise, she clarified it further in an interview saying,

I’ve always been hella skinny with no boobs- and i would feel like a little boy so I’d try and dress sexy and show my b*m to be more feminine. But I gained like 20 pounds this past year & now im thick as sh*t. I’m not against surgery at all, BUT I will say I think the girls that are getting it now are too young. You don’t put on your womanly weight till like 24.

Rubi Rose claims that she has not received a BBL. blurred-reality.comRubi Rose claims that she has not received a BBL.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, in a Q&A session with her followers, Rubi Rose revealed that she was once about to get a boob job in Miami when she had no car. She then took a thought and didn’t get her boobs done as she wanted to focus on her priorities.

Even though she has denied receiving a BBL, we examined her before and after pictures. While we agree her butt is way too bigger for the size of her body, we believe she has had a big butt since forever.

On the other hand, please be aware that the risks of plastic surgery have been widely evident, particularly the problems that can result from undergoing a BBL. By having surgery before your adult body has formed, you may be interfering with your own growth, so it may be worth it to postpone your operation until later in life.

Have a Quick Look At Rubi Rose’s Career!

Rubi Rose (@therubirose) first captivated audiences with her dynamic presence on social media sites. Her magnetic charm and unabashed authenticity endeared her to followers, catapulting her into the spotlight and lighting her career.

Rubi Rose is a model as well. blurred-reality.comRubi Rose is a model as well.
Image Source: Instagram

As mentioned earlier, she is a musician who has built a name for herself in the rap and hip-hop scenes. Her music demonstrates her lyrical prowess, blending catchy melodies with thought-provoking rhymes on personal experiences, relationships, and societal issues. Tracks like Big Mouth and He in His Feelings have received millions of streams, cementing her place as an industry rising star.

In addition to the music industry, Rubi Rose has made a name for herself in the modeling industry as well. Her remarkable looks, confidence, and unique style have led to collaborations with well-known brands and appearances in prestigious fashion publications.

Her appearance on the runway and in ads demonstrates her versatility and ability to visually engage consumers. Additionally, she also sells explicit content on various platforms.