Jon Richard (Dick Briggs) From D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! Was He D.B. Cooper; Meet His Wife!

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Jon Richard (Dick Briggs) From D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! Was He D.B Cooper; Meet His Wife!

Jon Richard (Dick Briggs), from the Netflix original series D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! is one of the suspects, including Robert Rackstraw and Floyd McCoy. Briggs had gotten engaged in the drug business and was known for being trustworthy. He died suddenly on December 12, 1980, at the age of 41. Go through the article to learn more about Richard Briggs’s wife and find out if he was Dan D.B. Cooper!

The Netflix original series D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! follows D.B. Cooper as he invented the infamous case of skyjacking. The author, Tom Colbert’s, independent investigation, which followed the course of the crime and identified every potential suspect, is the main emphasis of the book.

The authorities investigated several suspects along the way, including Jon Richard (Dick Briggs), while the real Cooper remained elusive. And now that viewers know about Briggs, they want to learn more about Richard Briggs, his wife, and if he was D.B. Cooper. Let’s find out!

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Jon Richard (Dick Briggs) From the Netflix Original Series D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! Was He D. B Cooper; Where Is He Now; Meet His Wife!

A four-part documentary series titled D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!, directed by Marina Zenovich, explores the hunt for the famed D.B. Cooper, a well-known hijacker who took control of a Northwest Orient flight from Portland to Seattle in November 1971. At a time when hijackings of aircraft were happening increasingly often, Cooper was able to get what he needed and flee without killing anyone on board.

Who was D.B. Cooper? is a question that has baffled experts and amateur sleuths for 50 years. He continues to be the only hijacker of an airplane who has never been apprehended or identified. That is the mystery within a mystery that D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!, a new Netflix documentary series, tries to solve.

Authorities and amateur sleuths have looked for Cooper’s genuine identity over the years. Tom Colbert, who was investigating the case, came upon the assertion made by Dick Briggs that he was the skyjacker during this investigation.

Richard Kashanski introduced Ron Carlson to Tom Colbert in 2011 after learning about Ron’s fascinating story. Ron had previously sold narcotics, and in February 1980, he traveled to Portland with a partner to get some drugs. They decided to go to the party on Hayden Island in Oregon after that. Ron spotted him with a drug courier called Jon Richard (Dick Briggs).

Briggs was known for being trustworthy. He had a bad temper and was usually upset. This was especially true after drinking. By the 1970s, Richard had gotten engaged in the drug business and had begun posing as the real D.B. Cooper. Ron was told a similar story after he met Jon. According to the program, Dick claimed to be a skilled paratrooper and to have been in the special forces in Vietnam.

The Mercury News reported in 2017 that Briggs, a drug courier at the time, claimed to be Cooper at a party in Oregon in 1980 and predicted that some of the money Cooper stole would soon be discovered.

A child found $5,800 in cash just five days later near the Columbia River’s shoreline outside of Vancouver, Washington. Due to the notes’ serial numbers matching those of the money from the crime, investigators were able to conclude that the cash was indeed the money Cooper took.

Ron and his partner decided at that moment to never bring up their meeting with Dick again. Time passed before Ron brought it up, which spurred Tom and his team to look into Dick’s claims. After a protracted investigation, it was determined that Dick wasn’t Cooper.

He didn’t fit the description, and there was no proof that he had ever been to Vietnam. According to the episode, Briggs was a part-time Air Force member who was unable to parachute. Several months after the money was found, Richard was involved in a single-car collision in Portland. He died suddenly on December 12, 1980, at the age of 41.

At the time, Dick had an auto repair shop, and the show depicts how his acquaintances thought his death was strange. Talking about his personal life and wife, there are no details available as of now. The authorities claimed the death to be an accident.

While the investigation into whether Dick was Cooper came to an end, Tom was simultaneously given another intriguing lead. Tom spent years trying to convince himself that Dick was the real Cooper, even though he was known to be a friend of Robert Rackstraw.

However, Briggs’ companion appeared to match the bill. Colbert’s eight-month worth of Briggs is what motivated him to concentrate on Robert Rackstraw.

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