Streamer Neon’s Girlfriend, Sam Frank: Age & Cheating Allegation

Natalia Romanova

Streamer Neon’s Girlfriend, Sam Frank: Age & Cheating Allegation – Kick streamer Neon and his girlfriend, Sam Frank, have been making headlines almost every day these days. Similarly, many people have been curious to know about her, including her age and cheating allegation. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Neon (real name: Rangesh Mutama), mostly known as N3on, has gained popularity since his collaborative stream with Adin Ross and Andrew Tate a few months back. Following that, the Kick streamer earned a large number of fans and watchers, becoming well-known around the world.

In addition, Neon is now dating well-known Onlyfans model Sam Frank. She has gained a sizable following since her relationship with N3on. On the other hand, the couple is currently making headlines as they recently had an altercation with Russian YouTuber, Vitaly. The entire event took place when Vitaly asked Neon for an autograph while holding several sheets with Sam’s explicit (NSFW) images.

Meanwhile, many people have been wanting to know more about his girlfriend, including her age and cheating allegation. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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All About Kick Streamer Neon and His Girlfriend, Sam Frank: What Is Her Age?

The love story of Neon (@n3onsingh) and his girlfriend, Sam Frank (@samxfrank), began on a beautiful yacht in May 2023, where they met among other streamers. Their connection was instant, and they were officially a couple soon after.

They didn’t keep their bond a secret, instead sharing their exploits on TikTok, including dates, shopping trips, and mischievous pranks. Their TikTok footage rapidly went viral, generating millions of views and likes, cementing their standing as one of the platform’s most talked-about couples.

Neon and his girlfriend, Sam Frank. blurred-reality.comNeon and his girlfriend, Sam Frank.
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As for Sam, she is reportedly a 20-year-old TikTok sensation as well as an OnlyFans model. Prior to her relationship with Neon, she was in a relationship with another social media personality, Jack Doherty, which ended in 2022.

Neon and his girlfriend’s connection appears to be lighthearted and affectionate. Their TikTok videos frequently feature funny banter and teasing. They don’t hesitate to express their love through snuggling, kisses, and pleasant compliments. They’ve taken on a variety of challenges and experiments, including lie detector tests, clothing swaps, and spicy food challenges.

However, their relationship is not all sunshine and roses. There have been numerous breakups between the two. Also, new allegations concerning their relationship emerge almost every day.

Sam Frank has also disrespected Neon in public on numerous occasions, either intentionally or humorously. Previously, Adin Ross even accused Sam of cheating on Neon. Despite all the controversies, the couple is still together and it seems Neon is immensely in love with Sam.

Streamer Neon’s Girlfriend, Sam Frank, Might Be In a Problem!

A recent altercation between Russian YouTube star Vitaly “VitalyzdTv” and Kick star Neon‘s girlfriend Sam Frank has made ripples in the streaming community. The entire event took place when Vitaly requested Rangesh “N3on” for an autograph while holding several sheets with specific images on them.

Even though these images were not captured on video, they irritated Sam Frank to the point where she spat in Vitaly’s face. This led to her being pulled over by police and nearly being arrested.

As the conversation progressed, Neon and Sam were informed by cops at the scene that her actions could result in her being charged with battery, and the two exchanged a look of dismay. However, things calmed down once Sam pledged to apologize to VitalyzdTv for her behavior. She then apologized face-to-face with the prankster, urging her to say sorry, and with police officers still there.

Despite reports that the prankster had dropped the accusations at the time, he appeared dissatisfied as he walked to the police station to file a complaint. After filing the report on live TV, he said:

This is going to be a DramaAlert story everwhere, and we’re gonna.. we’re gonna get some justice for this. Appreciate you, officers, thank you. You have a great rest of your weekend.

As the entire dispute has left both parties’ fanbases in anticipation, netizens are eagerly waiting for what happens next.