Natalie Love is Blind Proposal: Who Else Proposed to Natalie? Other Proposal Revealed!

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Natalie Love is Blind Proposal: Who Else Proposed to Natalie? Other Proposal Revealed!

Natalie Lee from Love is Blind Season 2 paired up with Shayne. However, Natalie didn’t just get one proposal, and fans now wonder about the other proposal, too. Do you know who else proposed to Natalie apart from Shayne? The latest Love is Blind Season 2 update is here!

Love is Blind, the American reality dating show on Netflix ended carrying many memories to both the cast members and the audience. There were exactly thirty participants who were on the show, however, luck didn’t favor all of them, and only twelve people found their ideal partners, and got engaged on the show. But among all these twelve couples, only two couples took their relationship in marrying each other on the show.

On 18th February, the show released its nine episodes while the last episode was released on 25th February. Going under a so-called social experiment, the cast members could form a connection only via talking to each other in the pods devoid of knowing each other’s appearance, and after ten days, they could meet up for a date.

Natalie Lee is one of the popular cast members from the show who has been in the limelight after Shaina interfered in her relationship with Shayne. Did Natalie only receive a proposal from Shayne or did other cast members propose to her?

Natalie Lee from Love is Blind: How Many Proposals Did Natalie Receive?

The love reality dating show, Love is Blind ended creating many memories and alluring many people into watching the show. The show basically focused on making two people talk in the pods so that they get to know more about each other, and rather than going for looks, it was totally aimed towards making the contestants fall for the personality.

Natalie Lee,(@natalieminalee) the consulting manager from Chicago is one of the cast members from Love is Blind Season 2. In the show, Natalie engaged with Shayne despite facing several ups and downs in their relationship.

Although Shayne was the first person to propose to Natalie on the show, Shaina interfered with their relationship, and that somewhat broke Natalie’s heart, and their relationship didn’t make it to sharing the wedding vows.

It is discernible that Shayne (@shaynejansen) was the first person to propose to Natalie, conversely, before Shayne, Natalie has had received several proposals. The first person who was likely to have caught feelings is Brian Ngo.

Although his screen time was very less on Love is Blind Season 2, Ngo reposted Natalie’s Tiktok video on his Instagram story, keeping suspicious emoji over it. So, it kind of hints that Brain might have proposed to Natalie.

Another cast member who was likely to have proposed to Natalie on Love is Blind, is Jeremy Hartwell. It is because he too posted that same Tiktok video, but with a  twist.

Jeremy added a poll with yes on one side and no on the other for his Instagram followers to guess whether they think it was him who proposed to Natalie, and shockingly, the answer no was in majority.

Later, Jeremy took the screenshot and wrote, “Interesting”. Therefore, this definitely clears out everyone’s perplexity and is kinda clear that Jeremy definitely had proposed to Natalie.

Is Natalie Still Together with Shayne?

Facing a lot of difficulties, Natalie and Shayne took their relationship to get engaged on the show and went to Mexico for their retreat. However, due to some inconvenience followed by many arguments, Natalie and Shayne decided not to marry each other.

On her Instagram account, Natalie posted that they aren’t romantically together but she is grateful for having Shayne by her side through the show.

To that point, it is crystal clear that Natalie and Shayne are on good terms but aren’t dating as of now. Conversely, it has been claimed that they dated for a few months even after the end of the shoot.

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