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Who is Lucie from Christmas Cookie Challenge on Food Network?

Nov 16, 2021 @ 4:34 EST
Who is Lucie from Christmas Cookie Challenge on Food Network?

Lucie Radcliffe from Christmas Cookie Challenge is a cast member and one of the contestants on Food Network in 2021. Meet Lucie from Cookie Challenge on Instagram. 

The Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge returns in 2021 with a fresh new program. Season 5 of the contest has begun, so it's time to be pretty festive.

The latest season premiered on Food Network on November 11th. The first installment of the Christmas Cookie Challenge was a genuine flashback for fans.

Five prior Christmas Cookie Challenge winners returned to the workshop on Thursday's episode of the program. So, let's learn more about Lucie from the Christmas Cookie Challenge.

Meet Lucie Radcliffe from Christmas Cookie Challenge on Food Network

The fifth season of Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge debuted on November 11th, thus ushering in the holiday season.

The inaugural edition of the program featured five original contestants who made their return to see if they could earn the title of "Best of the Best" by coming out victorious for the second time.

According to Food Network, the participants had to build a Christmas village puzzle made of six flawlessly interlocking biscuits during episode one.

They were then tasked with creating the highest cookie exhibition ever seen. The cookie manufacturers were also required to add flavors such as paprika, coriander, cloves, and chili in their offerings.

Former winner Lucie Radcliffe is among the cookie artists coming back to the Christmas Cookie Challenge in 2021. She is a Sugar Artist who works as a Graphic Designer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Radcliffe's appearance on the program, as well as her YouTube page, demonstrate her exceptional talent. Some of her creations, such as red velvet and marzipan rose cookie pops, can be found on her channel.

Is Lucie Radcliffe from Christmas Cookie Challenge on Instagram?

According to Lucie's website, she's started a business based on her talent and passion for baking. She provides live stream courses, a shop with a range of products for sale, bespoke cookies, and content development.

Her fantastic work can be found on her Instagram feed, @lucie.bakes, where she has over 74k followers.

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