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Meet Lisa Hagan From Naked and Afraid – Know everything about Lisa Hagan from Naked and Afraid (a two-time breast cancer survivor). Also, find her on different social media platforms.

Naked and Afraid on Discovery+ has been a popular reality show since its debut in 2013. The concept is simple: A man and woman meet for the first time and are permitted to bring one necessary thing. They meet at the designated location and are challenged with surviving the outdoors for 21 days.

They start out nude but must scavenge for items to create a shelter, and to find water & food. Although they have the option to withdraw from the competition at any time, the risk that survivalists take with their lives makes us wonder if it is all worthwhile.

Meanwhile, we have found that people have recently looking for the whereabouts of Lisa Hagan, who appeared in season 11 of the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about her, including her age and social media.

Find Lisa Hagan From Naked and Afraid on IG

Lisa Hagan from Naked and Afraid XL does not hesitate when it comes to sharing her day-to-day life on Instagram. Under the username (@cajun_mermaid72), she frequently shares her personal life, whether it is her romance or her adventures.

Lisa Hagan often posts pictures with her partner on IG. blurred-reality.comLisa Hagan often posts pictures with her partner on IG.
Image Source: Instagram

Her IG clearly indicates that she loves to spend time with her partner. From going on a romantic date to adventurous trips, the couple does it all together. They also appear to share a love of food. Lisa and her partner often try new delicacies and share them on the platform.

How Old Is Lisa Hagan?

Even though Lisa Hagan appears quite young, you might be shocked to know that she is in her 50s. According to reports, she is currently 51 years old.

Lisa Hagan is 51 years old as of this writing. blurred-reality.comLisa Hagan is 51 years old as of this writing.
Image Source: Discovery+

As for her childhood, she relocated from St. Louis, Missouri, to the small town of Henry in Vermilion Parish when she was a teenager. Her new normal included bayous, marshes, and the Vermilion River, which instilled in her a love of water that she still has today.

Lisa Hagan Is Active on Facebook as Well!

Along with other social media platforms, Lisa from Naked and Afraid is also active on Facebook under the username (@lisa.m.hagan.9).

According to her FB profile, Lisa is a PRN Nurse. She recently took a job as a FLOAT POOL PRN NURSE at Lower Keys Medical Center. Additionally, she also has been working as a PRN Cardiac Nurse at Ochsner Lafayette General since 2018.

Lisa Hagan Participated in Naked and Afraid for a Noble Cause!

In case you’re unaware, Lisa Hagan is a two-time breast cancer survivor and she participated in the show to give a tribute to her friend, Julie Fleming, who died of breast cancer before Lisa could tell her she had been chosen for the Discovery series. Actually, Julie was the one who introduced the show to Lisa.

In an interview with Lafayette Daily Adviser, she expressed her friend’s absence:

There were signs of her all along the way. I knew her spirit was out there with me. I wasn’t going to let her down

She further added,

Life is all about perspective. Find something positive every day. It shouldn’t take dying or doing something as hard as surviving to do that. You should be living, not going through the motions

Even though Lisa was initially hesitant to participate in the series, his rapidly faded after she arrived on the island with Joe.

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