King of Collectibles Cast Girl: Meet Alexandra Giaimo, the Content Director for Goldin Auctions!

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King of Collectibles Cast Girl: Meet Alexandra Giaimo, the Content Director for Goldin Auctions!

The girl (cast) from Netflix’s King of Collectibles most of you have been looking for is Alexandra Giaimo a.k.a Alex. In addition to narrating & hosting the show, she also works as the content director for Goldin Auctions.

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch on Netflix is a show intended for collectors all over the world. The reality series’ massive collection of desirable objects gives viewers a clear understanding of how far a collector may go. Ken Goldin and his team take on a journey through the behind-the-scenes of selling and buying rare collectibles.

Being the expert auctioneer that he is, Goldin frequently assures them that they will make a tidy profit when they sell their collection. Additionally, this series features a ton of well-known faces that are sure to thrill you, especially when you see the cool things they also keep in their storage.

The different employees of Goldin Auctions, who work hard to locate the goods that end up being sold or auctioned off, deserve the majority of the credit for the excellent job done by the company in the program. Similarly, many people are also interested to know about the girl that works at Goldin Auctions as well as serves as the narrator & host of the Netflix show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the King of Collectibles cast.

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Meet Alexandra Giaimo, the Girl (Cast) That Hosts & Narrates King of Collectibles!

Many viewers, especially the boys, have piqued their interest in knowing more about the girl (cast) who hosts and narrates King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch. Well, her name is Alexandra Giaimo (@alexgiaimo), mostly known as Alex.

The girl (cast) that hosts King of Collectibles is Alexandra "Alex" Giaimo.The girl (cast) that hosts King of Collectibles is Alexandra “Alex” Giaimo.
Image Source: Instagram

Alexandra “Alex” Giaimo has established herself as one of Goldin Auctions’ most recognizable faces. She currently works as the content director for Goldin Auctions and frequently speaks with some of the business’s most illustrious customers. She is the one who disseminates information on various collectibles via social media.

Apart from the auction, Alex is also a freelance Twitch Host for Major League Baseball. Always working hard, she frequently enjoys spending time with her loved ones or her dog, Mela, for stress relief.

Looking at her Instagram, she does not appear to have a boyfriend or a husband. So, boys, we suggest you hit her up in her DM asap. On the other hand, we’re unaware of her family background and education.

Alex Giaimo also works as the content director for Goldin Auctions.Alex Giaimo also works as the content director for Goldin Auctions.
Image Source: Instagram

Therefore, there’s not much information available about the girl on the internet. We promise we’ll get get back to you as soon as we get any more information about Alex from our sources.

King of Collectibles: Ken Goldin sells the LeBron James Triple Logoman Card for $2 million!

Drake was one of three guys who, in episode three of King of Collectibles, grabbed the ultimate basketball card that many others had wanted to discover in a box break but were unable to find.

The founder video-called the three individuals who were live-streaming their unwrapping as they pulled out the card when Ken Goldin and his crew discovered them because he was interested in the card. Before the item went up for auction, they arranged a deal worth $1 million in New Jersey. The three proprietors agreed to meet with Ken after hearing him refer to himself as the “GOAT” of card sales. The Goldin Touch star, known as “The King of Collectibles,” complimented the trio on having found the card equivalent of the “Holy Grail” and requested to see it. Ken told the owners,

I’ve been in this business since I was a little kid. There has never been a card in the history of the industry that was as sought after and talked about in the media as this Triple Logoman card.

He vowed to make it his personal mission to ensure that the card receives the best offer possible. They discovered that it had received so much media attention that it had turned into a frenzy once he purchased the card for a million dollars and the team began marketing the auction. With barely one hour left in the auction, offers began to come in as it eventually reached $1.7 million.

The bids ultimately reach $1.8 million and then $1.9 million before one of Ken’s bidders calls and makes an offer on his behalf. In the end, the card gets sold for $2 million.