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Kiernan Shipka’s Siblings: Brother & Sister; Does She Have a Twin?

Oct 7, 2023 @ 19:42 EDT
Kiernan Shipka’s Siblings: Brother & Sister; Does She Have a Twin?

Talking about Kiernan Shipka's siblings, she has a sister, whose identity has yet to be revealed. However, she does not have a brother or a twin.

In the recently released Amazon Prime movie, Totally Killer, slasher horror and time travel collide around the infamous Sweet Sixteen Killer, who reappears on Halloween night after more than three decades to kill another teen.

Directed by Nahnatchka Khan, the movie centers on Jamie, a 17-year-old who goes against her overprotective mother and confronts the murderer while wearing a mask. She manages to time-travel while fighting for her life to 1987, the year that the Sweet Sixteen Killer took his three initial victims.

Apart from the storyline, the Jamie actress, Kiernan Shipka, has been getting a lot of attention since the release of the movie. Similarly, we've found that many people have been wanting to know if she has siblings. Who is her brother? Who is her sister? Or does she have a twin? Let's find it out together.

How Many Siblings Does Kiernan Shipka Have?

Whether or not Kiernan Shipka (@kiernanshipka) has siblings has been a subject of concern for many of her fans for a long time now. People want to know if she has a brother or a sister. They want to know if Mckenna Grace is her twin sister.

Well! The Jamie actress has only 1 sister in the name of siblings. However, it appears her sister does not want to be in the spotlight as nothing about her has been revealed to this date, including her name. Matter of fact, we're not even sure if she is Kiernan's elder or younger sister.

Kiernan Shipka has only 1 sibling, a sister. blurred-reality.comKiernan Shipka has only 1 sibling, a sister.
Image Source: Instagram

Even though Kiernan Shipka and Mckenna Grace strongly resemble each other, we confirm that they're not twin sisters and not even related in any way. The only major difference between them is that Kiernan is 23 years old while McKenna is just 17.

Previously, many people also linked Kiernan and Timothée Chalamet. They played the role of a brother and sister in a 2015 American independent fantasy thriller film, One & Two. To be honest, we also resemble each other to one extent. However, they're not related as well, even though we've seen the two BFFs sharing a great bond off the screen.

Kiernan Shipka and Timothée Chalamet are not related to each other. blurred-reality.comKiernan Shipka and Timothée Chalamet are not related to each other.
Image Source: HelloGiggles

We believe we've now clarified all the confusion you had about Kiernan Shipka's siblings. And of course, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any information about her sister.

More About Kiernan Shipka’s Family!

Kiernan Shipka was born in Chicago on November 10, 1999. Erin Ann Brennan and real estate developer John Young Shipka are her parents. Early on, they saw that she had the makings of a performer. When she was just six years old, they relocated to Los Angeles, California, after she was cast in a brand-new television series about advertising executives in the 1960s.

She played the part of Sally for nearly ten years and received the Screen Actors Guild Award for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series" twice, thanks to her "mother's intuition" and her family's continuous support.

As mentioned earlier, she and the Dune star, Timothée Chalamet, share a unique sibling-like bond, and Kiernan is a vital member of the "Shipka clan." The grace and grandeur with which she carries herself fully justify the unusual name her family chose for her, which reportedly means "son of a lord" in Irish.

Between her personal and professional lives, Kiernan Shipka has drawn a clear line. She doesn't post any photos of her family on social media instead focusing on showcasing the various projects she is working on.

Totally Killer is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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