Is Jung Sung-Il Married? Does the Glory Cast Have a Wife?

Natalia Romanova

Is Jung Sung-Il Married? Does the Glory Cast Have a Wife?

Jung Sung Il, one of the cast members of Netflix’s The Glory, does not appear to be married. Yes, he doesn’t have a wife. In fact, he is reportedly single, enjoys living life to the fullest, and likes to keep a low profile.

Every teenager wishes to have a good time at school. Good friends, many memories, and a nurturing environment are all important factors in making one’s schooling memorable and successful. However, some vicious facets do emerge from time to time. The Glory, a Netflix original series, follows Moon Dong Eun‘s life after she is bullied and decides to change schools.

Vengeance consumes her as she dives headfirst into devising the perfect revenge plan. As a result, she becomes a teacher and exacts her vengeance on her bully’s child.

Bullying, teenage relationships, and revenge are central themes in the South Korean thriller series created by Kim Eun-sook and Ahn Gil-ho. The constant turning points and twists in the story keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Moon’s life and ambitions are motivated by vengeance against those who have made her unhappy. She goes to the trouble of devising a complex scheme to make her abusers pay.

When it comes to Netflix drama casting, actor Jung Sung-Il is one of the best actors who have surprised the world with his impressive talent and dedication to his characters. And with his manly charisma onscreen and unexpectedly great chemistry with female lead Song Hye Kyo in their few scenes together, he has viewers scrambling to look up his personal background and wonder if the actor is married or has a wife.

Jung Sung-Il’s Wife: The Glory Cast Seems to Be Unmarried and Single in 2022!

As of 2022, Jung Sung-Il (@ygmicael) does not appear to be married or have a wife. Even if he was rumored to be married, there is no evidence to confirm The Glory cast’s relationship status. In fact, he has never dropped hints at any conceivable girlfriends. He enjoys living life to the fullest, keeps a low profile, and disagrees with his viewpoint on relationships.

Considering how busy his life is, he has never been in a love relationship, that we are aware of. Some people mistakenly believe that Hyun is married and keeps his wife out of the spotlight.

Until we find strong evidence or an official statement from the actor himself, we must assume Jung sung-Il is currently single and not involved in any relationships. On the other hand, there’s a possibility that he is in a private relationship or that he is already married and has a wife. However, information without any evidence means nothing. We’ll respond as soon as we receive any information from our sources. While his relationship has been clarified already, let’s get to know more about him.

Jung Sung-Il, a well-known film critic-turned-director, made his debut with the romance melodrama Cafe Noir (2009). Night and Fog in Zona (2015), about Chinese documentary filmmaker Wang Bing, and Cloud, Encore (2018), about Korean filmmaker Im Kwon-take, are his next two works.

Jung, one of Korea’s most well-known film critics, has served as the chief editor of film magazines Road Show and Kino, as a programmer and jury member at numerous festivals, as an adjunct professor at Korea National University of Arts School of Film, TV, and Multimedia, and as a guest professor at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. He has also published works about Im Kwon-taek and Kim Ki-Duk.

In 2009, he made his film debut with the critically acclaimed romance melodrama Cafe Noir, which is loosely based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe‘s The Sorrows of Young Werther and Fyodor Dostoyevsky‘s White Nights. He was also nominated for New Talent Grand Pix at the 2010 Copenhagen International Film Festival for his efforts.

His second feature, Night and Fog in Zona (2015), is a documentary about celebrated Chinese documentary filmmaker Wang Bing, best known for his nine-hour documentary Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks (2003). It follows Wang on set, eavesdrops on his filmmaking techniques, and investigates the question “what is film?”

Cloud, Encore, a documentary on legendary Korean filmmaker Im Kwon-taek while he was filming his 102nd feature Revivre (2014), later had its world premiered in 2018 at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival.

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