Jessica Mulroney’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Her Secret to Anti-aging?

Shibakshya Rai

Jessica Mulroney’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Her Secret to Anti-aging?

Jessica Mulroney has recently been accused of receiving plastic surgery procedures such as Botox and fillers to prevent aging. People believe the 43-year-old star’s facial skin looks so smooth and does not show any signs of aging. However, Jessica has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations.

Meghan Markle has seen many highs and lows over the last few years. However, the Duchess’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney, has been a constant in her life despite everything else. The two initially met in 2015 as Jessica helped to choose a wedding dress for Markle’s character, Rachel Zane, in Suits. However, the two have reportedly parted ways following a heated conflict that occurred last year.

Apart from being Markle’s former best friend, Jessica is a fashion stylist and marketing advisor from Canada who is well-known for her prior career at Kleinfeld Bridal (Hudson’s Bay), past appearances as a guest on the television shows Good Morning America and CityLine, and her hosting of I Do, Redo.

Looking at her recent Instagram posts, many people have accused Jessica Mulroney of undergoing plastic surgery. They believe she does not look natural as well as her face is as smooth as butter, lacking any symptoms of lines or wrinkles. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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Jessica Mulroney Has Been Accused of Receiving Plastic Surgery to Prevent Aging!

Jessica Mulroney (@jessicamulroney) definitely does not look like someone who is 43 years old. While Jessica has been accused of having plastic surgery, she has not responded to any of the allegations, leaving us to speculate.

Jessica Mulroney after plastic surgery.Jessica Mulroney after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

If you compare her before and after pictures, you can easily see the difference in her facial tone. While our experts believe she has not undergone any surgical treatments, she might have received other non-surgical procedures like Botox, fillers, or any laser treatments.

Usually, people in their 40s have creases around the eyes. Women, especially, start having lines or wrinkles on their faces as well. However, it does seem to be the case in Jessica Mulroney’s face. Thanks to her possible plastic surgery, the Canadian fashion stylist appears to be anti-aging. Her face looks smooth and as fresh as someone who is in their late 20s. And Botox and fillers are the perfect combination if you want to prevent aging.

Dermal fillers treat static wrinkles, which are ones that are visible even when your face is at rest, while Botox treats dynamic wrinkles. Dermal fillers are helpful in forming the definition and contours of a youthful face.

Dermal fillers are typically injected into the middle and lower portions of the face, such as the cheeks, lips, and areas around the nose. However, Botox enhances the appearance of the top part of your face. The various cosmetic injectables might be combined to offer you a smooth appearance all over your face.

No matter what the truth is, we cannot deny the fact that Jessica Mulroney looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous. It’s hard to believe she is the mother of 3 children.

Additionally, we request everyone to note that all the information above is solely based on our speculation. We, however, promise we will reach out to you again if Jessica Mulroney herself or any verified source provides updates about her possible plastic surgery.

More About Jessica Mulroney: Early Life, Husband, Children & More!

Jessica Mulroney (full name: Jessica Brownstein Mulroney) was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on March 14, 1980. She is the daughter of mother Veronica and father Stephen Brownstein, the well-known owner of Browns Shoes, and was raised in a famous Jewish household.

Mulroney studied industrial relations at McGill University after attending a private school in Montreal. Her work in fashion and styling began after she earned her undergraduate degree. She first discovered her love of fashion and style in her early years, which eventually lead her to become a well-known fashion expert and stylist in Canada and beyond. Her work with prominent customers, such as celebrities and public personalities, helped her obtain fame.

Ben Mulroney, the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and Mulroney got married in 2008. A girl called Ivy and twin sons named Brian and John are the couple’s three children.

Jessica Mulroney's husband and children.Jessica Mulroney’s husband and children.
Image Source: Instagram

Jessica Mulroney achieved recognition for her work in fashion and styling, but her connection with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, helped her become even more well-known. Mulroney and Markle were close friends, and Mulroney was instrumental in helping Markle with the planning of her 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.