Is Guy Fieri a Trump Supporter?

Owen Weimann

Is Guy Fieri a Trump Supporter?

Many people wonder if Guy Fieri is a Trump supporter as he has been spotted interacting with the former President at multiple events. However, the celebrity chef is not one to mix politics and food. He merely admires him as a businessman though. Also, he has never publicly described his political beliefs, and he has never endorsed any political candidates. 

Guy Fieri, the celebrity chef found himself in the thick of political intrigue, possibly unwittingly, when photographs leaked of Donald Trump welcoming Fieri after a UFC fight in Vegas. Standing ringside, the two can be seen shaking hands and interacting amicably.

Many Fieri followers are outraged, speculating about his politics and wondering if he was secretly supportive of Trump and everything he stands for all along. Is Guy Fieri a Donald Trump supporter? Let’s find out whether or not he is a supporter of Trump.

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Guy Fieri Is Not Really a Trump Supporter but Is Good Friends With Him!

Is Guy Fieri (@guyfieri) a Trump supporter? Well, he has never publicly described his political beliefs, and he has never supported any political candidates. The celebrity chef is not one to mix politics and food. However, he has been spotted interacting with Donald Trump at a few events, leading some people to suspect that he is a supporter of the former president.

The restaurateur was photographed shaking hands with Trump at a New York City campaign rally in 2016. He then explained that he was merely being courteous and did not necessarily support Trump. Moreover, Fieri was spotted chatting with Trump again in 2022, this time at a UFC event in Las Vegas.

Guy Fieri has been spotted with Trump several times, leading some to suspect he is a supporter. blurred-reality.comGuy Fieri has been spotted with Trump several times, leading some to suspect he is a supporter.
Image Source: Twitter

This time, Feiri and Trump seemed to be having a longer chat which some read as a sign that Fieri was a Trump supporter. Was Fieri talking politics with Trump? Talking about food? Who knows? But, that hasn’t stopped people on both sides of the Trump debate from stepping in.

On the other hand, Reddit users have also debated why some people criticize the author just because he was photographed with Trump. Many people are objected to Trump and his supporters for a good cause. So seeing a celebrity engage with him was probably enough to set them off. Redditors couldn’t tell what the atmosphere was, and they weren’t taking a selfie.

Because it was a paparazzi photo, they won’t know the context until someone tells them. Another Reddit user claims many people may interpret this as Fieri being a Trump supporter and agreeing with what Trump has stated. Some claim it wasn’t just a photograph; they’re definitely pals or at least friendly.

Guy Fieri has never shared his political beliefs. blurred-reality.comGuy Fieri has never shared his political beliefs.
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However, there is no conclusive evidence that the television personality supports Trump. He has never publicly revealed his support for Trump, nor has he contributed to his campaigns. He has managed to maintain his brand largely apolitical for the majority of his career.

It’s also likely that Fieri just marvels at Trump as a businessman and was acting politely when he was photographed chatting with him. It is ultimately up to each person to decide whether or not Guy Fieri supports Donald Trump. There is no simple answer to this subject, and evidence supports both sides of the debate.

Know More About Guy Fieri!

Guy Ramsay Fieri (b. January 22, 1968) is a restaurateur, author, and television host. He is most known for hosting several Food Network television shows, including Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy’s Grocery Games. He also received an Emmy nomination for his role on the show. Fieri is recognizable for his bleached-blonde spiky hair, goatee, and Flavortown sunglasses.

Fieri is a renowned restaurant and author in addition to his television career. Guy Fieri Food: Recipes and Stories from the Road and Guy’s Big Bite: Flavortown Adventures are two of his cookbooks. He’s also the owner of Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar in Las Vegas, Baltimore, and New York City, as well as Guy’s Bar-B-Que Joint in Kissimmee, Florida.

Talking about his personal life, the TV personality has been married to Lori Brisson Fieri since 1995. They share two sons: Hunter and Ryder. The duo first met in 1992 while working at Stouffer’s in Long Beach, California. At the time, Guy was managing the restaurant when he met Lori on her way to see a friend in San Diego. Guy has explained that the trick to staying together is all about compromise and understanding.