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Georgina Rodriguez's Plastic Surgery: BBL aka Brazilian Butt Lift is the Primary Suspicion!

Feb 3, 2022 @ 3:32 EST
Georgina Rodriguez's Plastic Surgery: BBL aka Brazilian Butt Lift is the Primary Suspicion!

Georgina Rodriguez has been accused of having plastic surgery, notably BBL aka Brazilian Butt Lift as she has drastic changes in her appearance after meeting one of the most popular footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo. Recently, some fans are seeking her old photos before Cristiano. Meanwhile, the football icon congratulated Georgina Rodriguez on the perfect gift after Netflix released I Am Georgina on the occasion of her birthday.

Georgina Rodriguez is a Spanish model, dancer, and internet phenomenon most known for being Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend. Besides the latest Netflix series, I Am Georgina, Georgina Rodriguez is also well-known for her appearance in Women's Health, one of the world's most prestigious fashion magazines.

She is a hardworking lady who is motivated to make her way out of the poverty she was born into. As a result, while still a teenager, she began working as a waitress in her hometown.

Georgina Rodriguez (@georginagio) went on to work as a salesgirl in a Gucci boutique in Madrid. Georgina must have regarded all of her previous jobs to be too humiliating for her new personality as Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend after meeting him. As a result, she decided to try her hand at something more respectable, and she chose to model.

Georgina appears to have already made a name for herself in the industry. She has amassed millions of social media followers as a result of her newfound celebrity, including over thirty-two million on Instagram alone.

Georgina Rodriguez's Plastic Surgery: Truth or Fiction?

Following her social media posts, Argentinean-born model Georgina Rodriguez has been all over social media and the news section lately. Especially after Netflix premiered I am Georgina on January 27, 2022.

Recently, Georgina Rodriguez has been accused of having many plastic surgery procedures. Since meeting Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano), the 28-year-old model has changed dramatically. She kept her body and beauty in check as a struggling model. She wasn't always like this, though.

According to news reports, Georgina has changed dramatically since catching the public's notice in 2017. When so-called "experts" on social media leaked her photos, the rumors and gossip surrounding her plastic surgery began to circulate. Georgina Rodriguez's fans and followers were taken aback when they saw the drastic change in her appearance.

Different interpretations and suspicions emerged as a result of viewing the old photos. Nose jobs, fillers, Brazilian Butt Lift aka BBL, and Botox were among the procedures used. Her chins, too, appeared to have been affected by the apparent plastic surgery.

Others have claimed that the outcome is nothing more than the use of high-quality items. She used to look different, which can be seen in her before and after photos.

Prior to joining the modeling industry, the star had smaller breasts. The size has now been clearly increased, making her more appealing. Some people felt she had to go through cosmetic enhancements because she is a model who also appears on television besides being a girlfriend of the United striker.

Aside from that, in the model industry, maintaining a sexy physique is essential. As a result, it's hardly surprising that she felt compelled. Apart from Cristiano's girlfriend, the model has become a well-known figure in terms of her beauty and charm as she has been the face of several brands.

Cristiano Ronaldo Lights Up the Burj Khalifa on her Birthday to Congratulate Partner Georgina Rodriguez on her Netflix Series

Cristiano Ronaldo gave Georgina Rodriguez the perfect birthday present when he lighted up the Burj Khalifa as part of Rodriguez's Netflix series I Am Georgina, which depicts the life of the world's most-followed footballer's partner, her humble beginnings, and the fight to secure the life she has now.

On Thursday, Ronaldo, and Georgina, together with their children, celebrated Georgina Rodriguez's 28th birthday in Dubai. The Manchester United striker took to Instagram to share a series of stories, as well as a video titled 'Congratulations My Love,' for the new Netflix series.

Ronaldo's partner, who is from Argentina, began dating the Manchester United striker in mid-2016 and confirmed their relationship a year later. Alana Martin, their first child, was born on November 12th, 2017 to both of them. Four years later, in October 2021, the couple announced that they are expecting twins.

Georgina Rodriguez claimed in a preview for her new show that her life transformed in 2016 when she met CR7 and that she had always dreamed of having a prince charming by her side, and that she now has the love of her life.

Fans are expecting them to get married sooner, However, the couple has not revealed any information about their marriage.

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