Roommate Says Garrison Brown Was Having Issues With Ex

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Roommate Says Garrison Brown Was Having Issues With Ex – Even though Garrison Brown was single at the time of his death, one of his roommates claims that he was recently having issues with one of his former lovers.

Garrison Brown, the son of Sister Wives stars Janelle Brown and Kody Brown, died on Tuesday at his home in Flagstaff, Arizona. His mother and father confirmed the news on social media. He was only 25 years old.

Flagstaff police said he looked to have died by suicide. Officers responding to an allegation of a death at the home were met by Garrison’s younger brother Gabriel, according to authorities. Police stated the death was still under investigation as there was no evidence of foul play.

Amid the tragedy, we have found that many people have been concerned about his relationship status. They wonder if he was dating someone. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Garrison Brown Wasn’t Seeing Anyone in Recent Years

According to reports, Garrison Brown, 25, didn’t have a girlfriend at the time of his death. He was single. He was living with many roommates in Flagstaff, Arizona at the time.

Garrison Brown was single at the time of his death. blurred-reality.comGarrison Brown was single at the time of his death.
Image Source: Instagram

The TLC star had not revealed any social media posts about being in a relationship, and he had deleted Instagram photographs of previous relationships from his social media.

However, one of his roommates, following his death, told police that he was having issues with one of his ex-partners in recent days.

Meet Garrison Brown’s Exes: Who Was He Having Issues With?

From what we know, Garrison was previously dating a girl named Kylie Marshall and later dated a brunette woman after their split.

Garrison Brown had some issues with one of his ex-girlfriends before his death. blurred-reality.comGarrison Brown had some issues with one of his exes before his death.
Image Source: Instagram

Garrison started dating Kylie in 2019, about the same time that he launched his Hawaiian T-shirt company, Bob’s Floral. He officially announced their relationship on Instagram in June of that year, posting a photo of the duo wearing one of his floral shirt designs while visiting Disneyland. Garrison was twenty years old at the time.

Even his mother, Janelle Brown, was impressed with her son’s new partner as she had reposted their picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Look at this hottie of mine.” Garrison later deleted all photographs of Kylie from his Instagram profile following their split. It is unclear when they separated, but Janelle’s photo of the couple remains on her social media.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Garrison was seen on social media on multiple occasions with a brunette woman. He even went on a double dinner date with his brother, Gabriel Brown, accompanied by his mother, Janelle. The woman was not identified, and it is unclear how long their relationship lasted, but Garrison appeared to care about her.

According to one of Brown’s roommates named Addison, he was having issues with his ex and “wasn’t a happy person.” However, he didn’t reveal who Garrison was having issues with.

Nevertheless, they had recently discussed Garrison’s depression. He observed that Garrison was an “alcoholic” who drank every night. He was discovered dead in his home in Flagstaff, Arizona, on Tuesday after an “apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.” According to the statement,

On [March 5,] 2024, Flagstaff Police officers responded to a report of a death inside a home. Upon arrival officers met with a sibling, identified as “Gabe” [brother Gabriel Brown], and discovered Mr. Brown deceased as a result of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. At this time there is not any indication of foul play, and Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division are investigating. There is no further information available at this time.

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