Know About Dru Sjodin’s Boyfriend, Chris Lang!

Natalia Romanova

Know About Dru Sjodin’s Boyfriend, Chris Lang! – Dru Sjodin was talking to her boyfriend, Chris Lang, on the phone at the time she was kidnapped and murdered. Chris also played a vital role in finding the corpse of Dru.

Dru Sjodin went missing on November 22, 2003, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. A large search started, but her corpse was found months later, in April 2004, near Crookston, Minnesota.

Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., a convicted sex offender, was arrested and accused of kidnapping and murder. Rodriguez was already a Level 3 Minnesota registered sexual offender, which meant he was very likely to re-offend. Rodriguez had kidnapped Sjodin from a shopping center parking lot, assaulted her, and dumped her body in a ravine.

At the time Dru Sjodin was kidnapped, she was talking on the phone with her boyfriend. Even though it has been over 2 decades since the incident, we have recently found that her boyfriend has been a subject of discussion among many people. Well, here is everything we know about him.

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Dru Sjodin Was on a Call With Boyfriend, Chris Lang, at the Time She Was Kidnapped!

Dru Sjodin was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Lang, while she was at the University of North Dakota. Matter of fact, she was on the phone with her Chris at the time she was kidnapped by Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. in November 2003.

According to him, the last thing he heard his girlfriend say was “Oh my God” before the phone abruptly ended. As her boyfriend at the time, Lang worked relentlessly, along with friends, family, and local authorities, to find her. Dru’s body was discovered nearly five months later in a gully in Crookston, Minnesota, about 20 miles east of Grand Forks, where she was taken.

Dru Sjodin's boyfriend, Chris Lang. blurred-reality.comDru Sjodin’s boyfriend, Chris Lang.
Image Source: IMDb 

Following Sjodin’s horrific death and Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.’s subsequent arrest and conviction, Lang most likely suffered enormous emotional struggles as he dealt with the loss of his girlfriend and the horrible circumstances surrounding the case. The media coverage and public attention may have complicated his grief process.

While some people engaged in high-profile cases opt to advocate for causes related to the incidents, it is critical to respect their privacy and recognize that they may not want to be widely publicized in the public sphere.

Chris Lang’s life in 2003 was significantly touched by the tragic circumstances surrounding Dru Sjodin’s disappearance and murder. Unfortunately, we do not have the current whereabouts of him. We hope he has moved on from the incident and is living in peace.

Details on Dru Sjodin’s Death: How Did Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. Kill Her?

The events surrounding Dru Sjodin‘s murder by Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. are certainly upsetting and heartbreaking. On November 22, 2003, Rodriguez kidnapped Sjodin from a shopping mall parking lot in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Following her abduction, he subjected her to a horrific ordeal that included physical assault. Following the assault, Rodriguez transported Sjodin to a remote region near Crookston, Minnesota, where she died.

Dru Sjodin's murderer, Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. blurred-reality.comDru Sjodin’s murderer, Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.
Image Source: Grand Forks Herald

The exact methods and circumstances surrounding her death have not been fully disclosed to the public. The legal proceedings were largely concerned with the charges of abduction, assault, and murder of Dru Sjodin. Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. was condemned to death in 2006 after being found guilty of kidnapping Sjodin and causing her murder.

The entire affair caused a nationwide outrage, showing flaws in the system for monitoring and regulating sex offenders. Dru Sjodin’s case inspired legislative changes, including the creation of the “Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website” and the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, both of which aim to improve public safety and trace convicted offenders.

Even though Alfonso was sentenced to death, it was reversed in 2021 when his lawyers claimed he was mentally ill. In March 2023, prosecutors announced that they would no longer pursue the death sentence for Rodriguez. After 15 years on death row, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in the same month.