Did Sky Katz Have a Baby? Is That Why She Gained Weight?

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Did Sky Katz Have a Baby? Is That Why She Gained Weight? blurred-reality.com

Many people wonder if Sky Katz had a baby because of her recent weight gain. Well, she didn’t. She isn’t pregnant as well. Matter of fact, she does not appear to have a partner right now. 

Netflix‘s Surviving Summer is an Australian teen drama, created by Joanna Werner and Josh Mapleston, that follows Summer Torres, a rebel who joins a group of surfers after moving from Brooklyn to Australia.

After just over a year, the show has finally returned for its second season and is now streaming. In the second season, we follow Summer as she makes her long-awaited return to her little New York town and negotiates competitive surfing with both old and new friends.

With the release of the show, many people have also been concerned about the appearance of the Summer actress, Sky Katz. Since she has gained weight drastically, viewers wonder if she is pregnant or has a baby. Did she really have a baby? Let’s find it out.

Sky Katz Does Not Have a Baby: She Isn’t Pregnant Too!

People can’t help but wonder if Sky Katz (@skykatz) had a baby after filming Season 1 of Surviving Summer as she appears to have gained weight in Season 2. Many viewers have expressed that the Summer actress looks as if she has become a mother.

Well, all of the rumors are completely untrue. She has never had a baby and is not pregnant as well. It’s funny how people began speculating about her possible motherhood just because she had gained a few pounds.

Sky Katz does not have a baby. blurred-reality.comSky Katz does not have a baby.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking about her weight gain, there is no doubt Sky Katz has added a few pounds in the second season. Matter of fact, her Instagram profile suggests she has been gaining weight constantly in recent months.

However, she has not made any statements regarding her recent transformation. And we don’t think we should be that concerned about it as it is not that significant. It still looks as beautiful and charming as ever.

While we have yet to confirm the exact reason behind her recent weight gain, one thing we are certain of is that Sky Katz isn’t expecting a baby. Matter of fact, she does not seem to have a partner. Nevertheless, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

Will There Be Season 3 of Surviving Summer?

Netflix has not yet renewed Surviving Summer for season 3 as of this writing There is now no need for alarm, though. It’ll probably be some time before we hear anything regarding a third season because the second season just premiered.

Surviving Summer has yet to be renewed for Season 3. blurred-reality.comSurviving Summer has yet to be renewed for Season 3.
Image Source: Netflix

Immediately following the release of a new season, Netflix rarely renews a series. Before making a judgment, the streaming juggernaut will probably wait to see if people are actually watching and enjoying the new season.

If additional seasons are planned, it will probably depend on how well the second season performs on Netflix. Five months after the debut of the first season, Netflix finally decided to order a second season of the teen drama. This could happen once more this time. If this were to occur, the third season of Surviving Summer wouldn’t be announced until February 2024. However, let’s hope we hear back sooner.

This is undoubtedly not the conclusion of Summer’s quest, based on how the second season concluded. Therefore, if a third season were to exist, there would be more stories to tell. All we need now is Netflix’s approval. Stay tuned to us for updates on the status of Surviving Summer’s renewal!