Corey Scott Navy Seal on The Line Apple TV: Where is the Medic Now?

Bikram Karki

Corey Scott Navy Seal on The Line Apple TV: Where is the Medic Now?

Navy Seal medic Corey Scott features on Apple TV’s The Line. He ensured Eddie Gallagher was cleared of all the charges against him. Viewers are seeking Corey Scott’s Wikipedia.

Eddie Gallagher was cleared of most of the accusations against him in a spectacular lawsuit that looked straight out of a Hollywood film after a fellow Navy Seal abruptly confessed to killing the Iraqi combatant.

Corey Scott said that, while he was accountable for the prisoner’s death, he did it to spare the jailbird from abuse at the hands of Iraqis.

The Line, an Apple TV+ original series, depicts the extraordinary trial and how a shocking revelation aided Eddie Gallagher to escape punishment. Let’s take a closer look at the case and figure out where Corey Scott is right now.

Who is Corey Scott Navy Seal Medic on The Line Apple TV?

Corey Scott was a Specialized Operator 1st Class and SEAL squad doctor who traveled to Iraq in 2017 with Eddie Gallagher. He was a member of Eddie’s unit and a live spectator to the events on the battlefield.

As a paramedic, he was the one who cared for the Iraqi war captive, whose death Eddie was subsequently accused of. Eddie faced various charges, the most serious of which is the purported murder of an Iraqi soldier of war.

The renowned Navy Seal was also criticized for being careless with his sniper gun, and several of his squadmates claimed he fired at defenseless bystanders.

Eddie, on the other hand, promptly responded to the claims and categorically refuted them, alleging they were fabricated by frustrated soldiers who did not appreciate his authority.

Eddie was detained in 2018 and faced criminal charges of attempted homicide, cold-blooded murder, and perverting the course of justice based on the claims.

Where is Corey Scott Now?

At Eddie Gallagher‘s 2019 trial, Corey Scott was scheduled to be the prosecution’s major witness and speak against him. He was promised amnesty after taking the stand, and he made a bombshell admission that threw the case on its head.

Corey alleged that he was the one who killed the prisoner. The medic said that the captive of war’s condition was already deteriorating and that his further wounds did nothing but aggravate his misery.

As a type of passive euthanasia, and in order to save the victim from being abused further by Iraqi forces, Corey suffocated him to death.

Eddie was absolved of most offenses after Corey’s disclosure and was only found culpable of posing with the deceased.

Because Corey was given immunity in exchange for his confession, the physician was never punished for his crime. However, sources indicate that he may be court-martialed owing to a likely perjury accusation.

Since there are no reports on the court-martial at this time, it appears that the charges have yet to be filed. With everything happening in his life, it’s understandable that Corey would prefer to remain anonymous for the time being.

This, combined with the fact that there are no recent reports on the Navy Seal’s locations, makes his current status extremely ambiguous.

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