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On December 30, 2021 By Smith Wilson

Queer Eye Season 6 Location: Austin, Texas Filming Spots Explored!

Queer Eye past seasons were set in Philadelphia but this time, Queer Eye Season 6 changed the filming location, and...
On December 29, 2021 By Owen Weimann

Queer Eye Season 6 Cast: Meet the Five Netflix Stars on Instagram!

Netflix is yet to publicize Queer Eye Season 6, however, the release date is on 31st December. The show will...
On December 23, 2021 By Allan Ivanov

Single's Inferno Cast & Contestants: Meet Them on Instagram!

Single's Inferno, Netflix's new Korean reality show, has 9 contestants. All the cast members are single and from Korea. Let's...
On December 22, 2021 By Reality Writer

Twenty Somethings Austin Reunion: Fans Want Season 1 Cast Back Together!

Twenty Somethings Austin reunion is highly-anticipated by Netflix viewers after watching Season 1 cast together. Fans want Season 2 of...
On December 21, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Foodtastic Show on Disney Plus: Cast, Contestants, Narrator, Host, Judges, Prize!

The Foodtastic show premiered on Disney plus on 15th December 2021. The cast & contestants include host Keke Palmer, judges...
On December 19, 2021 By Allan Ivanov

Twenty Somethings Austin: Where are They Now?

Twenty Somethings Austin Season 1 cast: Fans wonder where are they now. With the global pandemic arrived the unexpected encroachment...
On December 19, 2021 By Reality Writer

Are Isha and Michael Still Together? Twenty Somethings Austin Update!

Fans wonder if Isha and Michael are still together on Twenty Somethings Austin. The Netflix alums Isha Punja and Michael...
On December 16, 2021 By Reality Writer

Selling Tampa Cast: Meet These Eight Netflix Alums from Allure Realty!

Netflix's new reality show, Selling Tampa has been trending after the official trailer was released on 30th November. Altogether in...
On December 16, 2021 By Smith Wilson

The Future Diary Netflix Cast: Are They on Instagram?

The Future Diary cast on Netflix includes Maai Nakasone and Takuto Wakamatsu. Neither of them is on Instagram. The Future...
On December 15, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Is Twenty Somethings Austin Scripted? The Untold Truth!

Fans are wondering if Twenty Somethings Austin is scripted or real. Do all the events in this Netflix reality show...
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