Location: Where Is Building Outside the Lines Filmed?

Allan Ivanov

Location: Where Is Building Outside the Lines Filmed? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – According to realtor.com, Building Outside the Lines is filmed in different locations in Spearfish, South Dakota (Jared “Cappie” Capp and Alex Headley’s hometown).

A new home series titled Building Outside the Lines is making headlines as viewers have been impressed with the show’s plot. Jared “Cappie” Capp, an innovative builder, and his teenage stepdaughter Alex Headley roam around making one-of-a-kind constructions. If you’ve enjoyed getting to know Chip and Joanna Gaines and their family over the years on Fixer Upper, we have a feeling this series will become a new favorite.

The show isn’t just another home improvement show; it’s an avant-garde extravaganza that promises to reshape your ideas about what defines a building material. The trailer itself depicts the duo’s creative constructions, such as a lovely bumblebee-themed structure, a shipping container turned swimming pool, and a hangout constructed from an abandoned silo, to mention a few.

Meanwhile, we have found that many viewers have been wanting to know the filming location of Building Outside the Lines. They wonder where the series is filmed. Well, let’s find it out together.

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Filming Location: Building Outside the Lines Is Filmed in Spearfish, South Dakota!

Along with its content, viewers have been widely interested to know about the filming location of Building Outside the Lines. While Magnolia Network has not revealed the location, realtor.com claims that the show is filmed in Spearfish, South Dakota.

Building Outside the Lines is filmed in Spearfish, SD. blurred-reality.comBuilding Outside the Lines is filmed in Spearfish, SD.
Image Source: Magnolia Network 

Spearfish, South Dakota, is a little town brimming with charm and natural delights, nestled amid the majestic majesty of the Black Hills. It is a gateway to outdoor pursuits and is known for its stunning landscapes. Spearfish Canyon, a magnificent ravine formed by nature, offers hiking routes and calm waterfalls like Roughlock Falls, where the sound of rushing water is a sensory symphony.

The lively community flourishes in town, with local art galleries, warm cafes, and a welcoming ambiance that welcomes guests with open arms. Summer festivals and activities commemorate Spearfish’s rich culture and heritage, making it a hidden gem in the heart of South Dakota.

Interestingly, the filming location of Building Outside the Lines also happens to be Jared “Cappie” Capp and Alex Headley‘s hometown. No doubt, the father-daughter duo chose the right place to film the series.

Jared “Cappie” Capp and Alex Headley Share Their Experience Working as Builders!

While Jared “Cappie” Capp has been working as a professional builder for more than 15 years, his step-daughter Alex Headley has been working with him since she was 7 years old. Speaking in a recent interview with House Beautiful, Headley credited Cappie for their achievements saying,

Cappie and I build things that make you go, ‘What in the world is that? He brings the experience, and I bring the new fresh ideas.

Alex Headley gives all the credit for their innovations to Jared Capp. blurred-reality.comAlex Headley gives all the credit for their innovations to Jared Capp.
Image Source: Magnolia Network 

According to Headley, her objective for Building Outside the Lines is to inspire the audience to build with what they have. Capp, who began building with his father and grandfather when he was approximately 12 years old, then added,

Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money or resources, so building with what you had was the only option. My first solo build out was a 1978 VW Bus, complete with solar hot water, and a fully functional kitchen. And they just got crazier from there.

Capp believes that, in addition to motivating viewers with their own renovations, they will learn an essential lesson about family.

Building Outside the Lines began with a double episode on Tuesday, December 26 at 8/7c on the Magnolia Network. Meanwhile, the new episodes will premiere every Tuesday, and you can watch them on Max and Discovery+ on the same day.