Did Bryant Gumbel Undergo Face Surgery?

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Did Bryant Gumbel Undergo Face Surgery? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Recently, people have been interested to know if Bryant Gumbel has received face surgery as he seems completely different than before. People believe his face looks kinda enhanced. However, the real truth behind the change in his appearance is yet to be confirmed.

Bryant Gumbel is an American television journalist and sportscaster who joined NBC Sports in 1975 as co-host of the National Football League pre-game show, GrandStand with Jack Buck. He presented several sporting events, including Major League Baseball, college basketball, and the National Football League, when he left to do The Today Show.

Later, the 75-year-old journalist returned to sports broadcasting for NBC in 1988, hosting prime-time coverage of the Summer Olympics from Seoul and the PGA Tour in 1990. After that, he focused mostly on his work as anchor of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, an HBO investigative series that has been critically acclaimed since 1995. However, he recently announced his retirement from the show after 29 years.

Since the news, Viewers have been curious to know more about Bryant Gumbel, especially his change in appearance. Some believe he might have received face surgery to look younger than his real age. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered about her transformation.

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Bryant Gumbel Has Been Accused of Having Face Surgery as He Appears Completely Different Than He Used to Be!

Over the years, Bryant Gumbel has been on a debate of speech due to his drastic change in face. As a result, many viewers have suspected him of receiving a face surgery.

According to the reports, his desire to look beautiful was accomplished through Botox injections and facial fillers. By doing so, he was able to remove the creases that began to emerge at his age. So, for the time being, he displays no signs of aging, and his actual age cannot be estimated merely by looking at him.

Bryant Gumbel before and after face surgery. blurred-reality.comBryant Gumbel before and after face surgery.
Image Source: Blurred Reality

Bryant Gumbel may also have received some face etching and neck lift procedures. This was the final nail in the coffin of aging, and he regained his youthful appearance. He must have been overjoyed with his new look. Moreover, the fact that his followers have noticed that he has lost weight has fans suspected that he may have undergone another weight loss surgery.

Likely, the 75-year-old journalist’s fans believe he has undergone chin surgery. When comparing his before and after pictures, it seems that the guesswork was correct. Some say his weight loss has altered the appearance of his chin. His most recent pictures, which display his wonderfully formed and curved chin, are the only one that confirms that he must have had some chin implants. This helps to explain his newly acquired stunning face.

Let me inform you that, Cosmetic operations are extremely commonplace, especially among celebrities. Some people use it to change a specific portion of their body, while others use it to make themselves appear younger than their actual age.

However, while some openly admit to receiving them, others, like Bryant Gumbel, do not want the public to know. As a result, it’s currently unknown exactly what kind of plastic surgery he has received on his face. However, we promise to inform you as soon as we receive any updates on his transformation.

Bryant Gumbel Recently Confirmed That He Will Remain at CBS but Will Not Be Engaged in the Network’s NFL Coverage!

Bryant Gumbel is a 75-year-old broadcasting legend who has been engaged in NFL telecasts for decades. However, he has recently announced his retirement from the show. According to Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand, he has signed an extension with CBS but will no longer be a play-by-play announcer for NFL games.

Bryant Gumbel will no longer be a play-by-play announcer for NFL games. blurred-reality.comBryant Gumbel will no longer be a play-by-play announcer for NFL games.
Image Source: Deadline

If you are not aware, he presented The NFL Today on CBS from 1990 to 1993. After CBS lost the NFC package to Fox, he moved to NBC. Later, he returned to CBS in 1998, after the network purchased the AFC package from NBC.

Likely, he was the principal play-by-play announcer for CBS from 1998 to 2003, with Phil Simms. Later, he returned to studio hosting in 2004 and 2005 but has called NFL games on CBS since 2006.

Last year, Greg Gumbel shared some open opinions about the money granted to NFL broadcasters. At the time, he told SI.com‘s Jimmy Traina, “I’ve never felt in my entire life there is an announcer who can bring someone to the TV set to watch a game that viewer wasn’t already going to watch.” He continued,

And I believe the only thing a broadcaster can do is chase people away. . . . I won’t name them — but there are three or four announcers, ‘Oh, I’m really interested in watching, oops, nope, click, gone. I truly believe that. I don’t think that someone is tuning in just to hear a particular person call a football game.