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Ashley Michelle from 60 Days In Season 6: What is She Doing Today?

Nov 3, 2021 @ 9:20 EDT
Ashley Michelle from 60 Days In Season 6: What is She Doing Today?

Inmate Ashley Michelle from 60 Days In Season 6 on A&E is making viewers curious to learn more about her. Ashley from 60 Days In is not active on Instagram.

60 Days In depicts a team of volunteers attempting to invade a detention center without the understanding of most prison authorities. The volunteers then look around for proof of any unauthorized activities taking place on the site.

The entire show is an unconventional approach to curbing corruption in the penal system, and at the close, the attendees pass on information and evidence to respective personnel.

Ashley Michelle, a Texas policewoman & Army National Guard Seargent, was recently introduced to us in 60 Days In Season 6 on A&E.

Viewers were even more intrigued by Ashley because it is extremely difficult for a law enforcement officer to go deep cover as a convicted felon. Let’s go over Ashley’s time on the program in-depth and learn what she is doing today.

Meet Ashley Michelle from 60 Days In on A&E

Ashley Michelle‘s first impressions on the show 60 Days In were pleasant, and she fast progressed toward her goal. Ashley began to collect information about the smuggling of illegal items because the crooks around her did not presume anything out of the routine.

However, things took a turn for the worse when she was compelled to confine Ciara, a prisoner with a mental health issue. Ashley made the error of employing a technique only identified with trained police officers, which seriously threatened to blow her cover.

Following the unfortunate event, the inmates lost faith in Ashley and publicly alleged her of being a cop. Being in a room filled with aggressive criminals can be frightening, and Ashley was deeply worried for her safety.

She started to spend the majority of her time in her federal penitentiary, avoiding encounters with other inmates. However, she eventually decided to seek the assistance of the production team, and after much thought and consideration, they were able to extract her from prison.

What is Ashley Michelle Doing Today?

Ashley Michelle was able to provide the Sheriff with helpful insights about how many procedures were not being pursued inside the Etowah County Detention Center once she was released.

She even provided officials with information on how ladies were smuggling drugs into the country by concealing it inside their undergarments.

Ashley appears to have returned to her job as a cop in Texas following the completion of Season 6. Furthermore, she was chasing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the time of production, which she appears to have completed by now.

Ashley Michelle, who was presented as a mother on the program, has since separated from her former husband and begun a new relationship.

Ashley’s current locations are unknown, owing to her limited online presence and almost no news stories on her life, but it appears that she is still based in Texas.

Before you leave, meet another cast member Dennis Brown.

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