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Nothing beats sitting down to a hot lunch of roasted lamb brains, rabbit hearts, and silkworms – just ask Family Dinner‘s Andrew Zimmern.

He devoted each episode of the Travel Channel program Bizarre Foods touring diverse cultures all across the globe and accompanying the locals for some of their real — and sometimes odd — cuisine.

Zimmern understands the importance of food in bringing individuals of diverse religions and origins together to share a common preferred interest: feeding their tummies with exquisite and unusual dishes while also enjoying excellent conversations.

Disc Golf

Andrew Zimmern is a Disc Golf nerd. As it turns out, Zimmern is more than simply a casual golfer who visits the course occasionally.

In fact, he’s a full-fledged disc golfer with over 100 discs, various bags, as well as his own course wishlist.


Andrew Zimmern appears to know Miami inside out, going by his recommendations for the best local meals.

Check out his top Miami restaurants.


Andrew Zimmern is a famous chef and Bizarre Foods co-host who has received multiple James Beard Awards, notably Outstanding Personality.


Charleston is one of America’s ancient cities. While the Charleston food culture is full of visionaries and forward-thinking chefs, you can always sense the city’s Southern origins and history in its culinary.

You truly won’t be disappointed in Charleston, with everything from wonderful fresh seafood to delicious barbecue to classic Southern meals with a modern spin.

Andrew proposes that all foodies come to Charleston to sample the greatest of delicious meals. He’s provided a list of his favorite restaurants and hotels to visit while you’re at Charleston.

Family Dinner, New Show

In the new 2021 reality show, Andrew Zimmern meets families across America to investigate how their cultural, geographical, and historical identities influence what and how they eat, as well as the many ways cuisine brings people together.

How Old is Andrew Zimmern?

Born on 4th July 1961, Andrew Zimmern is 60 years old as of July 2021.


Zimmern is an expert in food. And back in 2018 in America, he said Birmingham is the perfect place to be.

He believes that if you don’t dine in Birmingham these days, you’re losing out on something truly distinctive and extraordinary.

Birmingham has firmly established itself as America’s hottest small food city.


Andrew Zimmern, the host of Bizarre Foods America and Family Dinner, utilizes his Twitter and Instagram followers to help him live a more delightful lifestyle.

His Instagram bio reads, “Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host, @lucathelogotto

Is Andrew Zimmern Gay?

Speaking in a 2014 interview with Eater, Andrew Zimmern shed light on how was raised by his gay parents/guardians.

Andrew not only adores and supports a gay lifestyle even though he’s straight but he is also enraged when people cast bad judgment on the alternate way of life.

Wife, Married, Dating, Relationship

Andrew met his girlfriend turned wife Rishia Haas, in Minneapolis since they shared a love of cooking.

On 26th December 26, the pair finally married. The couple shares a 16-year-old son named Noah, who grew up in Monterey, California.

The pair divorced in 2018 after 16 years of being married. The divorce was unpleasant but amicable, and Andrew bears complete responsibility for it.

What Happened to Andrew Zimmern?

The abrupt alteration in Bizarre Foods broadcasting fueled suspicions that Discovery was responding to a contentious video recorded for Fast Company in which Zimmern contemplates establishing a chain of Chinese restaurants all across the Midwest.

Learn the real reason Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods was canceled.

Net Worth

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Andrew Zimmern holds an estimated net worth of $14 million, as of 2021.

He made his fortune as the co-creator, host, and consultant producer of the television show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Crab Cakes

Zimmern has shared the recipes for his favorite Baltimore-style Country Club Crab Cakes.


Andrew Zimmern’s shows include Bizarre Worlds, Bizarre Foods America, Driven by Food, Southern Road Trip with the Potash Twins, Big Food Truck Tip, The Zimmern List, How to Survive a Murder, What’s Eating America, Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations, Family Dinner, Crash Test World, and Zoe Bakes.

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