1000 lb Best Friends Location: The TLC Show is Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia!

Shreeyantra Rai

1000 lb Best Friends Location: The TLC Show is Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia!

1000 lb Best Friends is one of TLC’s popular shows featuring the lives of four obese people. So, do you know the location where 1000 lb Best Friends was filmed? Taking a quick look at Instagram, the filming location appears to be Atlanta, Georgia.

Featuring four best friends’ obese lives, and their hard work and struggle in combating obesity with the purpose of living a normal life, a new reality show, 1000 lb Best Friends was released on TLC with a first-ever episode on 7th February 2022.

While only one episode has been released so far, the second and the third episode will be released on 14th February and 21st February respectively.

Just with one episode, 1000 lb Best Friends succeded in alluring myriads of spectators, and now, there are a plethora of people waiting for the other episodes to be released.

With curiosity and desperation on people, some people were keen to know the location of these best friends or where the show has been filmed. So, do you know where 1000 lb Best Friends was recorded?

1000 lb Best Friends Filming Location: Atlanta, Georgia!

TLC’s new American reality show, 1000 lb Best Friends features the lives of four obese best friends: Meghan Crumpler, Vanessa Cross, Tina Arnold, and Ashley.

Releasing the first episode on 7th February 2022, the show succeeded in catching the audience’s heed. In the show, Meghan and Vanessa are close to each other, and maybe because they were together in another reality show as well.

Therefore, it is discernible that in the upcoming episodes of 1000 lb Best Friends, we will definitely get to see their friendship too.

Myriads of people have questioned the location of the shoot of 1000 lb Best Friends and clearing out everyone’s perplexity, Meghan Crumpler divulged that she along with Tina live together in Tina’s apartment, and thus, the whole shoot showing Tina and Meghan is filmed at the apartment.

“Well, I actually live with Tina in her basement, so we share quite a bit,” said Meghan, elucidating her friendship with Tina.

Moreover, she added, “I would say the show does feature me and Vannessa because we were on Too Large together, but I would definitely say that Tina and Ashley both are just as amazing as we are, and I think you’ll find that out once you get to see the whole thing unfold. And they’re just amazing women, period.”

However, talking about the specific location, it appears that 1000 lb life is probably shot around Atlanta, Georgia because most of the Instagram posts from the cast members have set the Instagram location in Atlanta.

What is 1000 lb Best Friends About?

Four best friends team up together, teeming themselves with extreme dedication and determination in shedding their pounds. Therefore,  showcasing their weight loss journey to the general public, TLC’s American reality show, 1000 lb Best Friends has acted as the platform to these individuals.

Some of the cast members, to be specific, Vannessa Cross and Meghan Crumbler had been friends since their high school days, and yet, still today, they share the same connection with each other.

From sharing a bond with each other to even sharing the same problem, of gaining pounds of weight, they are now working extremely hard to get rid of the burden.

Apart from them, we have two other cast members, Tina and Ashley, who are also part of the show. So, with high motivation and determination, these people are optimistic about shedding pounds off their weight. Needless to say, the cast members are expected to succeed in following strict diets and adhering to workout routines.

Meanwhile, we need to develop high patience level and wait for other episodes to come out since they take a very long time in bringing new episodes.

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